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The 360º bike safety light
visible to all vehicles

Telescopic, rechargeable LED safety light


Every day in the UK, more than 44 cyclists are injured in accidents on the roads, and 100 or more killed every year - as reported by the Department of Transport between 2004 and 2020.

A main contributor of this is drivers of both cars and HGVs either failing to look properly, or 'not seeing' cyclists.

We're on a mission to make every cyclist be seen - be safe with our unique extendable bike safety light.


What is HI-TAIL?

​HI-TAIL is a brand new safety device for cyclists which fits easily at the back of your bike under the saddle.  It has:

  • Six upright telescopic sections

  • Easy to install horizontal holder

  • Fluorescent glow

  • Gives 360° warning coverage

  • Extended height higher than rider

  • USB charge port


We developed the concept for the HI-TAIL bike safety light over many years, the aim being to bring a new product to market which ensures cyclists are easily seen by all drivers in dark and difficult weather conditions.  Fatalities and injuries on our roads are way too high, and fitting our easy to use solution to your bike could save your life and prevent serious injury.

Brian McIntyre, co-founder of HI-TAIL

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